We were founded in 2012, and have been providing custom web and mobile application development for over 10 years. Not only have we developed many custom software projects for our clients, we also run our own Saas (Software as a service) platforms 24-7, further demonstrating our ability to deliver high quality software solutions that perform well and stand the test of time.

One of our specialities is helping companies streamline business processes through automation and integrations, thereby reducing manual entry, errors, and costs.

Our founder has 24+ years of experience in the software industry, delivering hundreds of successful projects across a wide range of customers, such as Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 copmanies, large hedge funds, small and medium sized businesses, local and state governments, military projects requiring clearance.

We have a small but effective team of USA based engineers, and we do NOT out source any of our work abroad.

Our motto is that we don't believe in the word can't, we think anything can be done given enough time and money!

As seasoned Saas operators we truly have full stack experience, designing, developing, operating, marketing, and selling software. We eat our own dog food, using our extensive experience with Agile planning, running dev teams, doing code reviews, maintaining software qualty over the life of a project. Don't take our word for it, you can try our software and see for yourself.

We craft software that to runs properly for years (decades in some cases), in fact many of our founders previous projects (before founding Backup Parachute) are still in service today receiving minimal maintence to stay operational.