CTO Advisory

We stay pretty busy running our Saas platforms, so we don't have many openings to implement full custom software projects, however we make time when the right projects come along. Is your project the right one? Contact us to find out.

Our founder and principle engineer does reserve limited time to help other startups, small, and mid size businesses in an advisory capcity, such as:

  • Helping a CEO select a new CTO
  • Evaluate the performance of a dev team, and providing feedback on how to increase productivity and / or reduce issues (bugs, downtime, slow dev teams, etc...)
  • Being an independant third party to audit or evaluate CTO performance and decisions
  • Audit project code during buiness purchase
  • Code review spot checks to verify quality
  • Technology Advisory board member
  • Independant Project assessments to help benchmark RFP responses

These types of advisory projects are fixed price starting at $600, but vary depending on the length and frequency needed.

Are you ready to pull the ripcord? Contact us at 1-888-865-2012 to see if we are a good fit.